Just Make a Decision

Just make a decision…..Well that’s what I am going to attempt to do and I. Please understand I say with great and beautifully crafted SARCASM,  that the journey thus been just rainbows and butterflies…more like Unicorns crop dusting an occasional glitter rainbow.

What is my expedition well that is TO BE DETERMINED…

I am like most people reluctant to change but want nothing more than change in my life.  Doesn’t seem to make sense, our self imposed double standard if you will.

I need change so I FINALLY made a decision!!

Up to this point, I have been living life.. day to day with my stories and blah blah blah but lately, I have been craving something more than this world can offer; something my maker is trying to reveal.  But beyond the craving is the understanding that I am right at the cusp. This is how I imagine myself, I’m approaching an intersection in the road and I am trying to get to the intersection but I keep running into a sign that says “bang head here” and like an idiot I do it!

So understanding that the crossroads of the intersection signify my passions and my gifts which equal my calling, I have quite literally been seeing and hearing signs showing up as text messages, friends encouragements, simple life circumstances that align… I am starting to get it

 For today I am going to just leave with the 2 “potential callings/careers/talents/gifts WE”, that keep presenting themselves and why this it isn’t as easy as having a drive or a desire. To some of us…well at least me….need more!

The first one is Sales…..I HATE sales, I mean I DESPISE IT….but….

The second one is Writing!! I love writing, know I am supposed to write but well we will see…

Hope you join me on this expedition of My Calling…who knows maybe yours too!!