Bad Day

So to roll through this head of mine means you have to take the good with the bad.  Actually what I need to be doing is reread some of my posts so I can get inspired. But in the event of keeping it real you can enjoy this half diluted of a mood I have been in.

I was doing so well,  things rolling in my head and onto the screen it was that routine I was talking about well to crap with that right now…today is genuinely and off day…here is why

DOUBT that ugly encompassing leech that sucks the life blood from our souls! I recently just started writing again and being where I am today understanding that there are things like reaching out and burying events and emotions is something I will have to at extra hard.  With that said as I started writing I reached out to some of the close friends that I have created strong bonds with and asked for feedback on my writing. More or less I was just looking to see if the content was something of interest. A couple people got back with me with very limited words.  Now granted it’ is all through text but still. So DOUBT has reared its ugly head. IS what I’m writing simply not good enough?…..

Here is what I have to say to that..Doubt you can kiss my arse!!

This time I am on to your game.  I know that my best interest is at heart.  I know that when I fight I invite, so guess what I’m inviting light, love and happiness! I’m not talking of the “hippie movement” kinda love I’m talking bout love with wisdom being a foundation.  I will take action and write even if it’s nothing more than my bad day. Everyone has a bad day and feels a bit lonely. There are those of us that is more often a curse of the emptiness. But I came to play ball and competition runs deep in my veins.  So as I continue to bust through this mental set back, I will remind myself that doubt only exists with something that is to the core of my passions and or gifts….my Calling!