Fear..Is it a Lie?

A quick recap in case you are joining us for the first time.  In the past I spoke about the main reason i didn’t pursue my passion for writing was out of fear.  Well that’s the short of it anyways. The more in depth reason would be fear of criticism. Yes I know criticism is a slippery slope but even the bible speaks about the need to accept criticism when you align yourself with the right community.  But who wants to have their heart picked apart on display for the whole world to see.

Wait…..Does the whole world see it or are you just forgetting to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you?

So back to the bg C that fear of being told that I am simply not good enough…another self imposed double standard…most likely I would be crushed and left empty like I didn’t have a purpose.  

HOLD UP…..did I just actually type that?  Did I actually proclaim that If I wasn’t able to write I wouldn’t feel like i have a purpose…seriously!??

Ok that took a second to sink in but I think I may have just got crop dusted again by the discovery unicorn lol.  

So knowing what I am doing my best to strengthen my walk and  surround myself with the right community, I think i’m moving in a forward motion for once.  I don’t feel so stuck.

Huh… I just made a decision….and “it” actually came…like they all said it would!  I hate being stubborn grrrrr

So when a person is afraid of heights and they want to overcome what do they do?  That’s right they face that monster head on. The biggest they can imagine…they trek that mountain until they reach the summit. Then, I can say from first hand experience…the view from the top is amaze balls!!

So to wrangle it in a bit… back to the passion epiphany, how do I get over this fear of the big C?

I find the biggest mountain and I climb, dig, scrape and claw my way until I get that summit sunrise!!

You…..all of my readers…you are my mountain.  I have been preparing for this climb for a long time and I know I am strong enough to get to where i’m supposed to be.

Dear mountain,

You are treacherous rendering of a beautifully crafted artifact that holds the ability to change a life.  So to you I ask…is fear a liar? Because I think it is!

All my Love,