Stupid Sales

So the last time I spoke I talked about the two opportunities that keep presenting themselves.  So… I figured I would steer clear of that for right now because that is what I do!

Wait….NO… I said I wanted to change so i’m going to push through this. Yep you guessed it the forecast today: mostly overcasted but with some much needed showers!  A little cleansing of the soul.

So the first thing I talked about was how sales opportunities keep presenting themselves to me.  When I say sales let me be specific, people are seeking me out as well as opportunities to sell very specific products that anyone even the “ Big Boys” club would know it’s a sure bet with mondo margins!

So why isn’t this a good thing? Let me break it down from my POV in MY life…sales and all things surrounding consumed my life, …my sleep, food, relationships, attitude, my outlook!…basically every facet of my life was looking for the opportunity in any and every situation. I was faced with having to take a look at my priorities that my life survival depended upon.

It wasn’t for the money! It was for the challenge..I love challenges..but this was different.

A craving, longing, a control…over me!

My brain is wired like flippin employee on the month! I am an overachiever in salesperson mode, honestly it is almost euphoric.

It comes very natural to me, I honestly don’t have to look hard I just see the bigger picture and when I want(key word is want) I am a rock star.  Here is where the moral inventory sucked a bag of peanuts….I had to see I wasn’t in control but this desire was and it was feeding more everyday.

When I say I broke I mean I broke…coo coo for cocoa puffs…did man really walk on the moon kind of left field. The fact that I’m talking about it says so much which we will get more into that later…

So lately as I am diving more and more into finding and or correlating my calling with this nonsense in my head, these STUPID sales opportunities keep popping up but their presentation has gotten craftier to avoid my blind neglect….the sales monster has appealed to my emotions!!!

Let me first say I am an emotion driven person, not in the typical female hallmark crap, but more like intuition. Basically I can feel not only my own emotions but also of those around me.  It is my gift that presents itself in many ways to give back.

So now “Opportunity” and “ Emotion” are standing on the other side of the road at this preverbally intersection doing  what appears to be a rendition of the Irish jig while they slap each other in the face….yep wth!!?? Welcome to my head lol

Now while I am not banging my head so hard against that sign near the intersection, now i’m dealing with emotion and opportunity having an socrates type conversation that plays on a loop……..What to do when there is no duct tape handy!!