So today when I woke up… before the alarm mind you…I was instantly filled with joy!

Now anyone who knows me knows that I put on the world’s best face when I need to but inside I am a tortured soul as you can tell by the topic of my journey.

I always say the closest comparison I have is that what a tortured artist must feel.  So many ideas..too many ideas to be able to decipher WTH is going on.

So back to the JOY…I felt happy to be awake and start my day!  What the heck is going on here. I suffer greatly from insomnia often from the ideas, I despise mornings and I revel in the time I get to spend by myself with my thoughts.  I’m a daydreamer if we have to label it. A daydreamer with the brain that is wired for more more more….naturally!

So since I have started diving in more and craving this discovery

I have all the sudden found myself in a routine….WHATTTTT a flippin routine is not me, its day by day,minute by minute.

The short of it I felt like I was supposed to do something today so I’m writing and as we speak I can feel that hunger being fed…..

To me joy isn’t simply a feeling  It can be seen, heard, tasted, smelled and even touched..it’s more like an essence of everything.  It simply is the drive that makes us move,,,,literally! Think about it if you don’t feel joy for even the little things like clouds on an intensely bright and hot day or the sound,taste, smell, memory… whatever makes your whole being invigorated….that’s joy! Now the real problem, why are we measuring our joy intentionally?

Now to prove my thought on it being intentional, I would say this is my opposite challenge if you dare!! Wake up one day with the intention of having the worst day possible. If you are really a glutton then go beyond intention and created negative reaction. Do that through the course of your day but with FULL intention. When I say full intention I mean knowing that this is an experiment to show you that you do have some joy in your life you just may not be appreciating it’s trasedanct delicate infusion into your life.

I don’t recommend to try this unless you are just that cocky then hey be my guest…prove me wrong.  

Now lets flip…and this is Recommended by 5 out of 5 dentists lol no wait that’s the commercial on tv lol…I HIGHLY recommend this approach;  As a challenge make intention to first wake up in the morning and FORCE yourself to listen to upbeat music, open up the blinds let the light in, indulge in a cup of your delight and for God sake open the word and read your instructions for the day! This is a mandatory but here comes those words again..FORCE YOURSELF!! Side bar while typing my cursor covered some valuable letters and I thought I just told you all to go F yourself ahhhh lol….force yourself to get up!  Seriously make the decision to get up, once that’s done the rest is…are you ready for this…..the rest is already laid out for you!! Your choice is do you lift your arm to pretty much do anything including picking your nose or do u choose to lay paralyzed wondering if that booger will ever come out on its own lol…meanwhile the whole world is screaming…JUST BLOW YOUR NOSE ALREADY! The answer lies is in a question; how bad does it annoy you??

It’s the little things…like Decisions and Intentions that overcome obstacles and that is definitely something we do have control over.

Until next time show kindness…the world is depending on it!!