For Plumb

0C7A64F7-EC1F-4854-9659-06370C0A0CF0This past weekend my family and I had the privilege to attend the Elevate Musical Festival in Phoenix Arizona. The concert was a 3 day event with 19 different Christian bands and took place at Grand Canyon University.

Let me get off my point for a second and just plug GCU and Faith and Family Productions for an epic breakthrough weekend!! Top knotch chaps there!

Ok back to the story at hand…the first night was the concert I wanted to see…Tiffany Lee aka Plumb. I have a deep connection to her music and here is why. When I was going through a rough divorce I felt like I was in the pits of hell in my depression…something I will talk more on later. Anyways during my divorce, while staying with my parents, an old habit of mine reared its ugly head. The habit i’m talking about was self mutilation…yep I am a recovering cutter!!! SO when I was at a very low point I hear my mom upstairs in her bedroom listening to this song that I quickly learned was called God I Need You Now by Plumb. The lyrics in the song felt like the anguish the was in my life. All the frustrations and aggravation, the failures and the disappointment just laid out in sweet surrender.

Finding some strength I did look the song up on youtube right away. However it felt like the song sank me further down into hell when I listened to it again. So what did I do? I grabbed the first sharp thing near me and said thats it im done and gouged into my wrist. See I had cutting down to an art and I was smart enough to know my limits. My first cut was never the deepest but rather the most painful. After trying that release and getting ready for round 2 the video went on to the next track of whatever playlist I was on youtube.

The next song changed my life forever! The song Cut by plumb described the entire emotions leading up to including and finishing cutting. It was profound..but it had a different spin. Instead of lying in self pity waiting for the world to recognize you, the song suggests to surrender to God! At that moment I truly knew i wasn’t alone in my fight. And I had to do something to make a difference.

So back to the concert…I was fortunate enough to get to meet Plumb in person on that night and finally thank her for the inspiration to change my life. Today I am happy to say that I am over 2 years cut free thanks to the freedom in surrender. When I thanked her she grabbed my neck and prayed with me. It was so much light and so much love I felt valued.. even as a fan. She grabbed a beautiful necklace from her merch table and simply wrote Psalms 91 on it. She hugged me and told me we are just wired different.

Now the last thing said was the thing…I can’t forget and I think you will see the correlation too. Before I walked off she whispered” You need to tell your stories”….Sooooo, that’s what i’m doing. Thank you Plumb…this one is for you.