Dear Mr. Ed Mylett

Today I wanted to take some time and recognize someone whom I just recently discovered as far as providing real inspiration in my life.

Let me back up first and say that my fiance has been listening to this gentleman for a while and I have seen it fuel a new fire in him.  I will admit I am often reluctant to listen to motivational people because I see the false community and the lack of actual connection with society.  But I decided to see past that and listen to a clip that Charlie played for me on just the last few minutes of and interview with Ed Mylett conducted by Omar in Laguna Beach.

The part that I caught was a genuine encounter with someone who has realized they hold the key to their happiness.  I am sure many people try to proclaim that but I can tell you from an intuitive standpoint this man was genuine. How do I know genuine aside from knowing what humility looks like in the raw.  This gentleman was asked a number of questions which were pretty standard of an interview but it was more the response…or rather the perfect taglines he said. I wanted to share those words with you because the impact on me was proud.  “If God put the passion in you he put the possibility in you”…..That blew my mind…I know everyone has been saying it but this time was different. will refer back to what I always say…”Timing”..

Timing married with positive influence equals self revelations! Plain and Simple

The other thing that he couldn’t emphasize enough was “You are enough”  Omgeeeeez Mr. Mylett how I needed to hear that. How the base of my prayers wondering if my stories will make a difference for someone else.  Thank you for that.

After hear this fuel I instantly sat down at my computer and do the first thing I know to do and that was to mind my manners.  My momma always taught me to “thank the people who make a difference in your life”..everyone needs to feel the butterflies!

So today a simple thank you to Mr. Ed Mylett for sharing what is on his heart….the world needs more people like you!

I dedicate this entry to you sir! And thank to your words I am going to remember to rely on my faith to get my mission accomplished!

Best Wishes!

Shari @