Note Worthy

Typically when there is a problem in my life even if it was something so trivial I still reacted the same…like it was the freaking apocalypse. My mind would go into overdrive thinking of the absolute worst case scenario; build a bunker kind of mentality .

I process the what is, what was, and what will be at a molecular level..well that’s what it feels like to me. It’s like I am aware of the exact neural pathway of my thoughts creating literal mental real estate.

But with that came hiccups or learning rather, receiving rather than giving, an absolute foreign concept to me.

Knowing a little more insight to the way my mind works let me explain now what I am feeling when I wake up and this is the absolute tranquility, the feeling I have been diving so deep for so long to learn.

When I am waking I am waking with a sense of WANTING to get up, WANTING to continue my growth, WANTING to get stronger.

I am feeling like I have purpose like this goal I have set is a worthy goal and it is fueling my fire.

I am striving to be better than any version of myself I have ever presented not only to myself but to the world. I want my representation to go down in history, I want the world to know I love myself enough to really fight for the things that matter, I simply want to serve

This feeling that I am trying to describe is the feeling of HOPE. I honestly thought in my mind that the only way to ever really achieve hope was having to document so many hours to prove your worth and if deemed worthy you would get some grand electrical shock and suddenly just know haha…remember the apocalypse?!

God’s laws practice outside the past present and future so he already planned this season including the comfort To embrace all the way to the grand finale.

See to him time doesn’t exist, he is the father of quantum physics. Time simply doesn’t matter when you are the creator…