Falling Into Place

This morning I woke with words running through my head, very specific words. I quickly recalled they were to one of my favorite songs. The words I heard on a loop were “your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place. Stop holding on and just be held.”

Boy oh boy did that start a rapid incline of an emotion I hadn’t recognized. It was this peace this understanding that this song was the spirit speaking to me giving me more fuel. The fuel I have to say is a grade A octane because the performance it produces is immeasurable.

I suddenly realized so many things, but no negativity. I mean this is what I have been praying and working for, it’s coming to fruition….the promises they are all real!

The next thing I did still makes me laugh a bit but I was in the zone so I was letting God have complete control I was truly and genuinely submitting and doing so with a clear conscience. Anyways I found myself sitting in a cross legged position and rocking back and forth having to look like I was fresh off the farm to any passerby. I didn’t care, I simply……didn’t anything. It wasn’t me anymore, it was the JOY of the Holy Spirit running through these once iced veins.

You may ask how I know this was from the spirit ? Well here are the words to the song I was bopping to.”I’ve got joy joy joy joy down in my heart down in my heart to stay”. I mean does the message get anymore literal than that..man the humor is never ending when you finally get the punchline.

So today I am feasting in the delight of the spirit and participating in all the miracles that God is doing in me and my family’s lives. I am actually just being….HELD❤️