Remembering to Forgive

Good morning and a beautiful brisk autum day nestled somewhere in the middle of Ohio.

This nature that I have known my whole life suddenly looks so different. I mean the greens I have never seen such vibrant green, with the dawning of reds and yellows. Or the wind I have never noticed the sound of change it blows and how it simultaneously responds to the thoughts in your head.

It feels as though this place I have known my whole life is suddenly exactly where I needed to be for this particular season in my life.

See for a long time I have been so drawn to nature and I guess I never took the time to resonate that the feeling I was experiencing was actually healing being beckoned. This was what I needed to know feelings not hear words.

God is giving the created life the words to speak straight to my spirit.

immediately I’m reminded of the movie Avatar where the revealing of the meaning of the tree; to hold the DNA our ancestors created to help us learn and grow to live long and mighty lives just like the tree itself.

Today the trees are reminding me to remember to forgive often and without reservAtion. They are showing me the mercy they display to the breeze as they stand in authority reverence.

The trees are singing a constant melody of grace with the faintest hum of the tune “It is well with my soul.” The soul of the tree is determined perfection.

The constant shedding of the acorns are showing me that the once flourishing piece of the tree is now grown to its potential and is falling to nourish the population.

More miracles more epiphanies reveal as the correlation to God magnifies. Each day as I envelope myself more in my strength, the more this all making sense.

This place of my youth holds a lot of memories a lot of heartaches that I buried so deep had to be dealt with. The cold reality was this was my moment in life that needed changed, the creation of the very root of the ghosts I needed to overcome once and for all.

THAT TIME IS NOT THIS PLACE ANYMORE. It is simply a demon that had to be faced to show me the bulk of my behavior.

Forgiveness, I needed to be forgiven and forgive in this place and that is exactly what I am doing. Today I’m facing the world head on but remembering to look for the meanings in creation to keep me whole.