Codependency Runs Deep

In the middle of the trials I am facing I am seeing so many repeated patterns but here is the odd thing the patterns aren’t necessarily mine.

See one thing we forget to keep in mind when we are fighting our own strongholds are that of our ancestors.

We have to remember that every bit of our DNA is made of something we don’t think about, it is lined with the genetic traits of our ancestors.

Now this is not a blame on our ancestors for what they may or may haven’t done in their lifetime but the genetic marker of codependency was instilled in my bloodline.

I am guessing that this is where the fight or flight mechanism first reared its ugly head.

Then manners and family dynamic come into play. Sometimes we don’t take the time to realize

all the factors but the cycle is breaking with me.

I am in a environment that I see both past and present in mannerisms. I see the inability to say no because somehow that would show that we don’t care or we won’t be there for the person through thick and thin but it is actually quite the opposite.

Understanding these markers along with personal behavior I am realizing how deep the codependency runs…it’s how I was raised. Now when you have to see a 40something person act like a feeble child you get the worlds biggest wake up call.

I do not want to be like that I don’t want to depend on anyone but God to provide and fill all my needs. I do not want man to predicate my last present or my future that is not their responsibility.

So for today I am hyper aware of my own struggle not the struggles of others and I am learning to rely on my maker.