Right Place Right Time

Well I made it through yesterday, though honestly wasn’t quite so sure. Started with A family member going to ER and ended with the Sheriff paying a visit while I’m home alone hehe.

So….yesterday, I finally got to spend some time with my soul sister and it delivered as always. See my best friend and I have a connection that honestly defies any explanation this world can offer. We are truly the extension of the others mind process. We are so different that we actually find unity in that.

Our struggle that’s what bonds us With intensity. When she and I get together the epiphanies that happen, the life changing ah ha moments you always prayed for. We actually tease and say it is a good thing that we weren’t close in our adolescent years because together we would have been maniacal.

Our journey never started until our seasoned adulthood which makes it even more precious and valuable.

We finally got to spend a few uninterrupted hours together just feeding on each other’s light and positivity, breaking barriers We never knew existed. The most beautiful part of this is that it wasn’t until our conversation did we realize that in fact us needing to physically be near each other for both of us to do some healing.

It was wonderful when we realized this notion it quite literally started pouring acorns in a fury yet we were spared from being a target. To top it off we praised God at the same time for the realizations and a bit of comic relief.

While we were sharing we found ourselves remembering things that were apparent hurts and needing to surface. When I say this visit was healing I mean it was….joy

This is how I see it, my bff and I are actually meant to use each other. We are meant to USE each other to be a reminder of how to access self worth. We USE each other to refill on love and light. We USE each other to help grow in ourselves. These are not things we rely on from each other but rather an explanations for our connections.

This one is to my Jules you are such an amazing child of God, it is such an honor to be a part of your life….cheers to the journeys to come.