The Healing Continues

*Pictured Above: Young Living Farm North America

What an adventure this trip to my home state has been. So many revelations so many wonders continue to show their splendor.

Yesterday evening I had the great privilege to spend time with an amazing person so full of light and love. This individual is a fellow Instagramer that goes by the handle @reachinghigherlimits. Angela Williams is an amazing wealth of knowledge and discipline when it comes to the world of Essential Oils.

Angela reps the line of essential oils called Young Living Essential Oils. But it doesn’t stop there. Limited to my comprehension, I was so unaware that she is not only certified in her devotion to the oils but she is also a practionishioner of sorts and not just for the body but for the spirit.

She performed a 45+ minute technique that she is certified in called “Raindrop”. Now before I go any further because this may get deep. I want you to know that I take pride,time and knowledge in how intuitive I am to the needs of others including animals. I get teased often that I am like a party trick because people think I can read their mind lol.

So me going in uneducated to this experience was the best possible provision God could have provide. I would have done everything I could to debunk the power in this amazing spiritual awakening. Instead I went in listened with intent to the delicate instructions as well as the human connection of touch.

After a brief but descriptive introduction and suggesting guidelines or boundaries I was suddenly awakened to this aroma that was penetrating the souls of my feet. The smells they were beyond tantiating, the were finding their way to harmony. My body and my mind were coming alive.

Now I’m not too sure what all oils go into this mixture but @reachinghigherlimits on Instagram will be happy to discuss any and all of these journeys in which she is becoming quite seasoned in.

The oils oh the oils instantly I could feel our energies fighting each other as she try to give me some electrical aligning. When I stopped resisting I suddenly realized the delicate touch that now rested with bliss upon my shoulders.

More oils and more sensation invigorated my body and mind. I found myself giggling at some of the things that were coming out of my mouth. All the emotions I had been suppressing we facing me and I had no choice to face them because the environment physically and mentally was simply too inviting.

The sensation demanded respect and respect is what I am taught.

This process went on between my back and my feet for a long time. With each pass I was remembering things so many things but this time finding organic solutions. Things were making sense…because of the scents!

The revelations continued to happen for the rest of the evening as well into my dreams. My subconscious was talking to my conscience and I was aware, not only aware but at perfect peace…total enlightenment to my standards.

Even in the midst of my dreams I was able to see issues that I thought I had long dealt but apparently not. I was privileged to see beyond the roots to the preexisting patterns. When I woke I had so much peace and joy, so much understanding, so much….freedom.

I am so sold on this technique and those oils that I urge anyone who knows they are facing a conflict of the soul; that are needing their spiritual awakening. GET A RAINDROP you will be so happy that you did.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, perhaps you in fact need to get to know essential oils a little better.