With a Heavy Heart…

With a very heavy heart today I write that my brother Jeremy passed away yesterdAy, peacefully surrounded by family.

My brother had a life that most of my family was not proud of so therefore they distanced themselves. I get it everyone copes in a different way. My coping mechanism is my writing, it is my ultimate outlet.

I think what breaks my heart even more are the few people that are upset with me for posting such graphic images of my brother in the end. Please allow me to clear this up..this was not and is not a disrespectful mannerism towards my brother but rather what his loving heart would have wanted done with his memory. What is that he would have wanted well let’s describe my brothers heart when he was clean.

He was the person that gave so much love because he himself didn’t feel the love. See that is how we project what we want so others will take the cues. We are not needy and if we were we didn’t display it. My brother wanted to help anyone and everyone he actually loved helping the homeless.

So see the biggest thing that destroyed his life was drugs, I know WITHOUT a shadow of a doubt that he would want awareness raised. How do you effectively get a message out, you shock people.

Now I am not doing this for numbers but I am utilizing my skills in the technology world to make sure the messaGe gets around and is heard loud and clear. My brother spent so much of his life hiding in the shadows for judgement, he wanted to be set free. I am also sure that he knows that in order for others to be impacted there needs to be a mental image that is so terrifying that change is due.

So the reason I posted this particular picture is because this is real life people. There are so many people dying from drugs, so many families being destroyed. I want to join this crusade and get the word out that we are all of the utmost value despite narrows views.

Today I post a picture of my brother in his prime, when he was clean. Since I have captured your attention by my shock factor I know now I can post the real Jeremy.

So for today I want to leave with this image to imprint on your brain. The way my brother wanted to be remember, as himself. I love you Jeremy see you later.

Please help us spread the word to raise money for this tragedy