Introducing..My Ride or Die

This morning I have awoke with such a feeling of gratitude. The love that so many have shown has surpassed any expectations of what real love feels like. People have came out from rocks that seemed unturned to the heart felt emotions shared by all during a time of grieving.

I want to first and foremost thank God for showing me it is ok to lean on others in my time of need. This does not make me weak but instead strong in obedience. The joy sparks through my soul like the longing passed kin your heart misses so deeply. Without him I would have never seen the beauty in collateral damage.

To my parents, such love and devotion. Without a doubt in my mind I was aligned with exactly the parents that God has chosen for me. As most long for the understanding of the feelings of parents or wondering unmet expectations. Let me give a little insight…our parents are equipped for us catered to our design. I hope to never in my lifetime have to see a parent have to make a decision so profound on an extension of their very being. The supply of emotions runs so deep like a raging rapid. In the blink of an eye they gave life and in an instant they had to decide eternal life. I wish for no one to experience that, this is something that changes in an abrupt way the course of your everyday. Thank you Mom and Dad for showing love all through life and for doing the best you could. We are never seeking perfection but just your eternal support and unconditional love. You have done well good and faithful servants.

Jules oh my Jules where do I start. You have reminded me so much about clarity and perspective. You have reminded me that I am not alone in this fight. You are genuinely the extension of my soul that had fizzled out. Thank you for always going above and beyond to make sure the world feels the love you are finally starting to feel. I see me in you but what I see most is hope. Never give up the hope my love because you are a chosen one.

To my siblings I am ever amazed at your strength and dignified manners even when facing tragedy in the eye. I love to see how each of them display a very specific character in their time of grief which reminds me they are so loved. Thank you both for being a part of my family.

To my ❤❤Charlie and Cassidy thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me what a bonded family love can feel like. I know we hAve had our rough roads but God is mending us all in his superb supernatural way. When I come home I will be the person you remember. The person full of joy at the root and exudes the love of God through my discipleship. I honestly never knew how badly I wanted a family until I had you two. The hole that I once had in my heart is completely filled with love and gratitude for your understanding and support during this time.

My dear sweet angelic Kimberly. The first words that come to my head are “how do I Love thee let me count the ways.” You have given me so much that even my written words would fail in comparison. If I have ever met a person that I could more clearly see the brightest most warm halo this would be this splendiferous creature called woman. I truly hope you understand the magnitude of gratuity I owe to you for saCrificing so much to be there for me and my faMily in this time of need. I know you are there for my fight as well as your own but find assurance in the dark that the light is all around you…it is you.

Angie dear sweet powerful energy Angie thank you for Balance. I can’t say I have ever experienced so much emotion each time her hands laced in essential oils touch my skin. The reaction of our energies fighting for a brief second until we equally submit to join forces is hypnotic. This ray of light sat behind me during the funeral just giving me every ounce of love I needed to feel. She did such an amazing job I think that is why I didn’t need to cry much and I could smile. She has helped me to discover so much about myself and I have a feeling I am doing the same for her. She is a rock that bleeds an oil so delightful that it offers healing. Thank you my sweet for following the spirit of intuition.

Finally the last person I want to mention in particular seemed so much like a fluke but now I see it was heaven granted. My sweet soul Teri you have shown me that it is ok to be me even when expectations are met. You have made me feel the love of God through not only a blood but a soul connection. Your graceful and few words persona is exactly what a motor mouth like me needs. Someone to listen and someone to love. I am so beyond ecstatic that it was your Daddy that got to be there for my brother to go home. I love you

I don’t want to stop the I love you’s there. Each and everyone that even reads this blog thank you for your support on this journey. I am genuinely understanding that a season only has to take as long As it takes a person to realize and learn. I love each and everyone of you.

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