Getting Outside of Myself

Have you ever been so caught up in yourself that it seems like the rest of the world no longer exists? Me too! I am no different than any other human on this earth, when troubles arise it is as if my world is the only thing that consumes me. I constantly look for the lessons in my life so that I can strive to be a better person. But is being a better person only about myself?

Yesterday while doing my daily routine and enjoying my time with God walking and learning I was quickly reminded that there is so much more going on in the world than my troubles and fears. The lessons are not specifically designed for me but rather designed for me to resonate so that I can share with others in turn opening their eyes to the burden free life.

While I was listening to a sermon about meeting needs it was like the skies parted and I began to understand the bigger picture. The picture of the rest of the world and what I had to offer that they also needed, just like me. Their needs were promised long ago to be met so perhaps I should look more into others than myself.

Anytime any of us face challenges in life whether it be small or substantial there is a need at the base of every suffering, every tragedy, every triumph. I started to think how I as a human work and quickly aligned it to the work that God is doing in me. See I ask daily to show me, teach me, use me for your glory and that is exactly what he is doing.

I never had faith enough in myself to think that I would be a part of a greater plan. I didn’t even consider that for one moment how others were watching patiently to see how I react in the midst of adversity. I had no clue that my problems were merely lessons so that I could help teach what is good to our minds our bodies and our souls.

I think most of us forget that the entire world is struggling from majority of the same struggles just a different story. The whole world suffers from fear, anxiety, starvation, darkness, persecution and just the fight for everyday survival. Some days are worse than others but that doesn’t mean that our responses are being watched none the less.

God is using me in my time of hurt to help others who have made their silent proclamation of surrender and equipping me with the encouragement to keep pushing on. Not only am I pushing on but I am being reborn in the process. I have given control over to the one who promises to guide my path. In my own submission I am seeing others coming forward, asking questions and regarding my answers and actions….WHAT?? This is crazy I am no one special…or am I?

Indeed I am special! God has given me gifts just as you yourself have been given gifts with specific instructions. My instructions are easy, that is probably why I have ignored them so long. I am instructed to help! See in the gifts God has given me, he has equipped me with the extra special touch of empathy and encouragement. Encouragement with reason is what people need. They don’t want empty cliches that put them among the masses, no they seek tailored information.

I am an informer and I am an encourager. I have a strong will but I am learning how and when to invoke the stubbornness and these days it is stubborn for the will of God. Read that carefully I am not saying I am stubborn against God but rather stubborn to not be sidetracked with how he is using me.

Since I have been back in Ohio I cant even begin to tell you all the miracles and wonders I have got to be a part of. From simple life revelations to steps towards a better tomorrow. I am seeing people who have served in a mediocre manner become full on followers, spreading more encouragement. It’s almost like a team is being created but it is a team that is not out to win anything for themselves but rather to spread our skills and recruit more team members.

Suddenly all of my troubles, all of my worries have taken a backseat to the drive I have to just share what has been done for me. My life is far from perfect and I am far from anything other than human but I have a big mouth lol. Well maybe I should say a big mouth for the good. I find myself not attempting to fix others problems but rather being inspired with words that ignites the flames of desire. I am planting seeds and working the grounds so that the harvest will be plentiful.

Who would have ever thought that when you get outside yourself that you would be more aware to the insides of those around you. The needs become apparent but the solutions even more apparent. I don’t have to put on a show but rather show my heart. Showing my heart comes with good and bad, but the growth in showing is a freedom chaser.

So much of this journey is starting to make sense, why I have to endure this pain and suffering…it’s because I asked for it. I asked to allow my true purpose to come to the front so that I can feel fulfillment in my tasks and that”s exactly what I am getting. I look forward to my days diving into instruction so that I can find peace. I have stopped searching for understanding knowing that is simply the constraints of my human mind. If I truly want a miracle all I need to do is open my heart and my eyes to see the glorious miracles even in a drop of rain. I have discovered that the answers I have always sought lie within me by one name…God

Perhaps your time of need is actually a calling for recognition of others time of need. We are a community here for one another so why not embrace it. This does not mean comparing because that is a slippery slope. This means resonating with the humanness and overcoming the obstacles….together.

I thank God for opening my eyes to see that my time of need is based on the times of need all around me. I will continue to fuel myself with the word, learn the examples, spread the news and fulfill my duties. I am an overcomer…that’s what they all see and as we all know most people work by seeing is believing. Not only can you see my strength but you can feel my will to love….and love is what I will do.