Not Just a Hobby

As many of you know that have been following my blog, life hasn’t been easy…but its been essential. The essential part is the season of learning, growing according to my purpose. Growth is something that even in the flesh hurts so bad at times to the point where I feel like I could honestly lay down and well die. But this isn’t my journey I am not meant to die yet, I am meant to live and live loud.

While going through a lot of these highs and lows I have found that what was once a hobby of mine, one that I thought was insignificant, came to the forefront of my healing. What I am talking about is as I have done in my past…my writing.

My writing has always been something that has brought me comfort because in text I can articulate the feelings that I cant necessarily say to someone else. It is my sweet release, but this isn’t how I always looked at it. I was often stumped on what to write feeling like I needed some great epiphany to happen in order for it to be worthy to write about. See I thought that my writing was for me…again I was wrong.

What seemed like an innocent outlet for me is proving to be inspirational not only to myself but those who read. I have had so many messages come forward of others that I never considered their struggle, find solace in the words of my mind. This is probably hands down the most awesome feeling I have ever felt.

I started to see views change ,again, not only in myself but those involved in my life one way or another. To be honest even going back and reading some of my old posts have gotten me through some of the hardest most unproductive days of my life. When I find myself stuck in the whirlwind of my mind I can sit down let me fingers go to work and I find myself delivered from my own misery.

The key is to be productive, to keep moving. Movements are so essential to even the circulation of our blood. When the words strike, instead of making excuses not to write I push through and write….I took a step to move and the motion takes me to the next step.

Aside from this being my hobby it is also my gift. No, not a gift I found under a tree, but a gift to help others who can relate. Everyone needs to know they are not alone despite what the fear and darkness dictates. We are humans that are made to interact, to respond, to love and to learn. If I would holdback my “hobby” then someone may take their last breath thinking no one ever cared. Well guess what, I care and I am going to show you through my words

The loving nature I have in my heart is what I am discovering as a rare commodity. So many people get caught up in the day to day of life forgetting there is a whole world that exists outside their circumstance. Think about it, how in the world are we going to be able to relate to another if our stories aren’t being told. This doesn’t mean a well thought out plot that takes you through a series of emotions to provoke a particular outcome, no, it is to relate.

Our stories are pretty much all the same. We struggle from sadness, famine, abuse, neglect, shame, suffering, pride, revelation and so much more. The difference is the particular nature of our troubles. Those troubles become less hard to bear when we get to hear the words “I completely understand I have been through something similar.” This is not a tool of comparison but rather a tool of empathy. We all just want to resonate then the burdens start to lighten their load.

The way that is so apparent that I am being used is through the maturing of these gifts that have been instilled into me. My choice or my will is to decide if I do something with these gifts or do I selfishly keep this all to myself? I choose to share.

I know that each and everyone of you has capabilities of something that stands out among the normal. Whether you are a listener or a speaker, your words have meaning and a lesson. I know we often don’t have enough confidence in ourselves to think we can make a difference, but I am here to tell you…your words may make all the difference. There are no words too big or to small to reach a specified destination. These words or actions are our defining character, the true depths of our hearts.

Today I would like to challenge you to dig deep and take a look at your “superpower.” Not only do I want you to think about them but find a specific situation in which you can execute this special gift. With some practice, understanding and confidence you can change the world…..just like I am trying to do.