The Pup Edition

We all have something in our life that brings us comfort through the good and the bad. Whether it is an old toy or a favorite outfit there is no shortage of everyone stepping up to find comfort in their time of need.

For me that comfort is the love of a dog! Yes, I know, most people love dogs I mean love them and all their characteristics but I feel as if my love and hope for them is almost on their primal level. I not only appreciate what they have to offer as a companion but I value what I feel that they feel when I am around a dog. It is like nothing else in the world matters because my world is not perfectly in sync with the dog’s life. I can feel my awareness heighten from my sense of smell to a new visual perspective. I am suddenly one with the pack and I am on a adventure.

I had a dog..have a dog, named Thunder. He is a sweet rescued Great Dane that is currently residing in AZ with his human Dad. I am at peace with this because I know that my boy is being loved and cared for in the same way as I would do it if I were there myself. Don’t get me wrong it hurts to no end to not be able to cuddle with my boy right now but no the less I know he, like myself, is serving a greater purpose.

I can say that there has been no shortage of dogs in my life since I have been back to Ohio. I have got to be around so many different animals but just like humans there are certain dogs that have been very impactful in my healing. I am deeming this the Pup Edition diving from my head that is in the pack, not even thinking about why I am going into depth about a creature that cant read….but people can read!

The first amazing duo I want to talk about is Yoda and Chewbacca…aka Yoder and Chew Toy lol. Yoda is a sweet high strung pug that has a genuine innocence about him despite his senior years. Yoda has a mind that bounces to the beat his body displays. To put it bluntly Yoda is all over the place. I am so sure his human family will agree when they read this haha. Despite the bouncing behavior of Yoda he is tapped into a child like innocence that consuls with the gift of play. The perfect diversion when my mind is in the clouds.

Now Chewbacca he is a whole other ball game. He is a sweet princess-fied chihuahua with a gate like a slow waltz but the heart of a lion. He knows his place in the pack and has no problem stepping up when a reminder is needed. Like any great leader he is an observer. He carefully takes in his surroundings as if to know where his worth can be utilized the most. When I start to think Chewy isn’t paying attention, he surprises me with the warmth of his comfort. I would like to say in my journey I see Chewy having the instinct to care for the broken, but refuses to hold back his love and affection. Chew Toy may be little but he holds a big place in my heart.

There is one fella I get to see on a regular basis; the basis of resonating. See this sweet retriever is named Buddy, he is the dog of my late brother. Buddy and I have a lot in common, we are both confused and broken souls. We know what it is like to have something one day and the next day it be gone through no choice of our own. We are orphans in a sense so our bond surpasses that bond of necessity. Together Buddy and I have worked on our health, we have worked on our issues of trust, we have found time to have fun and we have found time to learn despite our tired demeanor. Neither one of us have forgotten where we came from, our loyalty will forever lie, but we have moved with the world. Buddy will forever hold the special gift of the optimist.

Finally this last guy I just recently met him, but boy of boy is he special. You know that special when you meet someone for the first time and you can immediately know the impact someone or something has on the people it is surrounded by? Well I would like to introduce you to Tank. Tank is a mix Shepherd breed that has the heart of a pure bred champion.

The first time I walked into my friends house ,she ask me if I have a fear of dogs then quickly laughing as she remember who she was taking with. There was no time for thought, no time for predetermined action, no instead there was….Tank. This bundle of joy bust through to me as if he could smell his need to reach me. He had an innate instinct to know that I was scared, not of him, and I held behind a facade but he was breaking through. See I resonate with Tank. He has a very solid exterior but yet has no concept that his exterior might intimidate people…just like me. But just like me Tank has the discipline of a fighter, the respect of a love filled heart, the obedience for outcome and the swagger of confidence. Tank is me on four legs lol. This amazing dog has a very special place and a special gift,,,the gift of self reflexion.

So I know that was a lot of words to talk about dogs, but come on….it’s DOGS! If nothing else let this entry be a reminder that we are never alone. Whatever may hold your heart in a bond that surpasses explanation, let that serve as your reminder. There are always beauties in this world that are specifically designed to resonate with us to our very core. These are things that are to be utilized to help us withstand and to grow. So find your comfort and be reminded we: we all have the capacity to serve.