This Is For You

Often we get so wrapped up in our own lives, our own problems, that we forget to notice the world going on around us. We start to look at the day to day as a struggle instead of a victory. See I am the first one to admit that I have often done this in my life. I was succumbing to the problems of my life; more so the problems of my head, that I rarely even notice the rest of the world and their…well, everyday. To be totally honest I had been that way a lot more in the past.

I remember quite well a feeling wash over me that made me very aware that my fight was not mine alone. When I was able to realize the events that my life had endured in the past few months, I stepped outside myself. I needed change and now was the time. The environment couldn’t have been aligned better to meet the exact criteria of the prayers I had pleaded for so long.

When I came back to Ohio I knew without a shadow of a doubt and several verbal confirmations that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Perhaps the events that preceded could have been done differently, but even if they were the outcome still had to be the same. I knew that all my diving into my my relationship with God and my relationship with me had to be put on the forefront and I am happy to say that it definitely is that way.

One of the things I started to learn as my perspective was shifting was the needs of others. No, it wasn’t like I was trying to fix them, but rather supporting them to make the realizations themselves. I had been enduring so my pain so much heartache from multiple avenues and I was being shown that this was all to help others that were in similar situations of despair. I mean this has all been my biggest fear, the dread that my entire existence of the dark place was based upon. I faced it and I survived. Not only did I survive, I am thriving.

I want to help others to see that even in the midst of the actuation of your worst fears, you can thrive. I am not saying a bunch of empty inspirational words I am saying this from living and breathing this reality right now.

Here is the real of it all. We are all facing a giant in our life. A giant so big that there is simply no space left to think of anything but that giant. STOP!!! That giant is actually just a shadow enhanced by the beckoning light. You are making a movie in your head that doesn’t even exist, probably won’t ever exist…its called anxiety folks.

BREAKING NEWS: we all have some form of anxiety at a given moment! This is the time to take a moment and align your mantra with your mind. For me my mantra is ‘I trust you Jesus.” Those simple little words not only allow my brain to readjust focus on something other than the problem, but also its a big step in taking control of your mind and see the bigger picture.

Hang in there, talk to God! Honestly even if you are on the fence about God, what have you got to lose? I mean majority of us will say that we believe in the power of prayer and even at desperate time we actually pray. So….. seems like the perfect time to practice some prayer. Just try it a couple times, no special formality, no special environment, just a conversation. Tell him out loud about the problems you are facing and the emotions they invoke. Don’t worry about the length in time you spend just make a conscience effort. I not only guarantee that just getting it out will feel amazing, but come expecting a shift in perspective.

As always my friends I am here for anyone who needs a friend especially a friend in Christ. I am not a wealth of knowledge but I am a wealth of resource. Find other friends or just people you meet, let others into your life. We are all here to change the world and I am not going down without doing my part.