Let’s Tell Your Story


On this beautiful journey of a rediscovered life, my perspective is constantly shifting.  In a place where I once deemed as the dark place, is long gone and the beckoning light is so warm and inviting.  One of the best gifts I have been given in this time is the love and compassion for others that my heart is enveloping.  I tend to get very outside myself and notice those around me, near and far, and see I can help make a difference in their life.  Be warned though that I am strongly aware of boundaries and do not wish to attempt to “fix” anyone but rather be used for glory.

What is the best way I can think of to help others?  Well I have thought and prayed about this, asking for guidance to the place where I can be effective.  The one thing that keeps coming to my mind are how many stories are stifled due to lack of resources. I keep seeing so many hearts that lack desire because they themselves have never even heard their own story.

We spend so much time trying to survive and get through the day.  We wish that our days could be shorter mixed with an extension of night.  Surviving is the key word here. So I am ready to do something about it with you.  I would like to reach out and meet some of my readers, to show you I am someone just like you.  I want to pair with someone FREE of charge and have a conversation.  I want to be a voice for your story.  I want the world to be able to share in not only my victories but I want to take you along with me. Let’s talk on the phone and you can tell me all about what you would like the readers to know about your story.  I want to be utilized as a platform to either pen or have you as a guest blogger with your own introduction and guest writing spot.

Let it be made known that there will be no exchange of money but rather of time, honesty and integrity.  We are on the stage for the whole world to see, so let’s make the most and cause a fireworks display.  Let’s encourage the world with our everyday stories of overcoming, perseverance, strength and triumphs.

If you are interested in working with me as a featured project on my site, please reach out to me at shari1022@gmail.com. I hope to get to meet some amazing people and hear some great stories. But more than that I would love to help someone else have their stories told…it just may save a life.