Showing My Face

One of my biggest issues in life is to be proud of the face that I was blessed with. Instead of looking at myself like the beautiful gift God created, I have always felt shame due to comparison. I fell into the same trap most of us do and look at others on social media platforms as gorgeous, fit, handsome….worthy. I didn’t even look at myself as worthy until recently.

It is no surprise that I have and am going through a lot, like most others. However I deemed myself as boring, useless, unloveable and unattractive. All this together mounted up inside myself as feeling like there is no point even saying the words that have been given to me in fear, yes fear, of not being accepted. Well folks that is about to change!

In all of my study and searching I have discovered that I am actually very special. I am a chosen child of God and it is time to start acting like it. Now is the time to be proud of myself for the beautiful child I am and let my creator take the credit. No more wishing my life away or comparing myself to others by a physical appearance. No more worrying about how the world views me because my goal is to make change in the world.

Yesterday it was laid very heavy on me to get outside my box, stop worrying and start doing. That is exactly what I did. I produced my very first YouTube video that was me in the raw. I had a lot of apprehension but conviction won over. I got myself together, not overly focusing on my appearance but rather the words that were in my head. I didn’t do anything fancy, instead I talked about my journey.

Can you believe that when I was finished uploading the video I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment? I mean I finally took the bull by the horns and attempted to share what was on my heart and in my head in hopes that the world may see that I do have something worth while to say. I was being led to share not only words but emotions that could be seen in my actions. I laid it all on the line and let it go.

Accomplishment is something that we are all desiring to feel. The sense that our entire existence isn’t in vain, to surpass the obstacles, mostly mental, and create something that could make a difference to someone else in this world. It doesn’t have to be something so profound that only a few can relate, but rather something ordinary, something we all face, to let others know they are not alone. See that is the whole reason I am sharing intimate details of my life, to help someone else possibly bypass the wrong steps I took and save valuable time in their lives.

After recording and uploading I had such an amazing joy come over me. It wasn’t empty joy, wondering who or how many people would watch me on camera, but sweet release. I faced my fears of showing what I look like or worrying whatI had to say, I just let it come out how it was supposed to. Beyond accomplishment I felt proud of myself for trying something new, for stepping outside my protected box. I am telling you there is not many greater feelings than to finally be proud of something you have done that is worthy of repeat.

So with all this said I have decided that I am going to be writing my blog as well as sharing tidbits of what I have talked about in my writing but doing it on camera, See I want an intimate relationship with my readers. I want them to know the real Shari, not just the words that are in my mind. I want people to know that they too can achieve anything they want if they are willing to be bold.

You are not alone in anything you do, good or bad. You have the chance to redeem yourself if only to yourself. We are all warriors, we are a chosen army to defend what is good and just. You have been selected to sweep the world and to make your mark of change, to be there for others that are lost but not forgotten. Your words whether written or verbal could be the change a person that needs to know their value. This all starts with aligning yourself the correct way and believing the good not the bad about yourself.

I hope that you will take the time to check out my videos on YouTube and I will also me utilizing Facebook Live and Instagram TV as an outlet for my words. I am taking control with the guidance of God to be all that he wants me to be. I am going through the process and I am embracing the change….please join me!

As for now I am on YouTube only but getting things set for the others. I will do my best to keep it short and interesting, but remember this is my journey to show my face. You can see my first video at, be sure to SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE. You can also find me on instagram at @findmywhyblog or on facebook at find my why blog.

Thanks so much in advance for all your overflowing love and support for this part of the adventure of my life. Please reach out and let’s communicate. Who knows maybe your adventure is similar to mine and we can collaborate.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget…You are Enough!