To The Addict

To the addict I have a few things I want to say to you. Before you decided to stop reading please understand that I know you are more than just a label and I intend to prove this, to you and to the world.

Do not let this label hang you up. There is so much more to you than a label to an illness. Yes this is an illness. No one is birthed with the notion that their life will spiral so out of control that you must rely on an external factor to determine your worth and your joy. You are not the diagnosis but rather this is a set up for your future endeavors.

You were born just like the rest of us, with a purpose, bringing joy to those around. Your arrival was rejoiced and your plan was made in stone. There is a reason you were put on this earth and it wasn’t by chance. You were predestined for things so great that sometimes the burden that follows is too strong. The darkness has a horrible way of creeping into your life and make you feel as though you are worthless. Well guess what? You are far from worthless and you can overcome any obstacle you choose.

Did you know that somewhere someone prayed for your very existence? In this great universe there was someone calling out to God-asking for a relatable person to share life’s ups and downs. Someone that could feel the love and sadness extra deep so another may not feel alone. Your life that you thought was a waste is actually a set up for victory. The victory to overcome life’s obstacles and teach others in the meantime. A plan so great that you got lost in the shuffle, but know you can be found.

To the addict…you love is so song I can feel it as I type. I can feel the value that you are missing or that is currently misplaced. I can feel the strength in your fight to change what was to what is to be and I am so proud of you. Keep looking for the good in life and be grateful for being a part of something bigger than yourself.

To me you are not just another starving mouth, another hungry soul. To me you are light that is encroaching the depths of darkness to impart wisdom to those who suffer like you. I see a flame that refuses to be extinguished despite all of life’s best efforts. i see a child of God, just like me.

I am proud of you for not giving up on yourself, after all that is what your journey is all about. Whether you are charged with the care of others or simply for yourself, you were hand picked as the best fit for the job. You are designed for resilience and luster that outshines all of the fools gold. You are precious to me and I don’t even know you. i see your value, I see your worth.

Don’t get hung up on what was, instead hang out with what will be. You are the CEO of choices though this may not seem. You have every tool, every gift that is required for greatness. Don’t get hung up on what you are not doing, instead just start doing. The world is waiting with open arms to accept you for who you really are not what the addiction has made you.

If you search deep within you will see that we all suffer from one addiction or another. Some of us require a morning coffee to get going while others have altered their chemistry to require a substance that numbs the rejection. Know that you and I are not so different. I have been in your shoes. I have relied on other things to make me feel less hurt but I got out and so can you.

I am counting on you to show me the way, the truth and the life. I am counting on you to be an example of what I can overcome on my worst day. I need you to show me what a real fight looks like. I need you to show me that together we can take back our lives.

To the addict..I am so proud of you. I am proud that even if you don’t see your plans you choose to keep pushing through. I am proud of the person that is right this very second taking control of their life and making a decision for recovery. I am proud of you for not giving up on God, family and friends. I am proud of you for standing tall. you are an inspiration because I know you have got this.

On the days when you feel like giving up, reach out. We all have these days and there are ways that can curb the pain but keep your mind sharp. The days where the sadness is too strong, redirect your focus. I am not saying any of this is easy after all your brain chemistry is changed, but there is good news.

To the addict…did you know we are all made to be addicted? That’s right if we aren’t an addict, we are supposed to be. We are supposed to be addicted to God! He is the one we are meant to crave with a force that will drown out the crowds. He has a message for you every minute of every day. He is telling you that he made you and he needs you. He needs you to help the others that are lost. He has written a great novel for your life and wants you to be the first one to read this book release.

If you knew me you would know I too am an addict. I was once, like you, addicted to a substance but now my addiction lies on my creator. The more I infuse my blood with the riches of his love, the more I crave this beautiful drug. I am no different than you but I am getting better…that was my choice.

To those that are suffering please know there is a world of people like me ready to help you to know you are being protected but you are also being called. Now is the time to see past the lies of fear and know that you can do anything. Do it for yourself…do it for your family…do it for me.

As always I am a resource to point you in the right direction, the direction you were meant to be in. Use your stubborn will for change. Be exactly what you gave always dreamed of being. Show that heart that glistens in the moonlight. Be the person who just might save a life.