Passion Ignited

I will admit that inspiration is readily available but often not easily accessible. There comes times where I have to just sit back, trust and go through the motions. The motions bring on so much pain, such fatigue to the bones and heaviness to the heart. However these motions are necessary if growth is going to happen. Like it is said in the world of muscular skeletal mechanics…a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest. There are other times when inspiration strikes so fast that my fingers cant keep up with the keys on my computer. For the times when there is noting to write about I choose to take Benjamin Franklin’s advice that if my life doesn’t produce anything worth writing perhaps I need to try living life. So these past few days have been living, enduring and overcoming.

Recently I was faced with the all too familiar standpoint on how millennials are lazy, simply don’t want to work while the rest of the world takes care of them. Now I will be the first to say I am NOT a millennial but rather someone after truth. There are pros and cons to the stereotype of this generation but that is not what I am here to get into but rather show how learning to work smarter not harder doesn’t produce laziness, quite the contrary. Working in a capacity that optimizes time, talents, passion, expectations, delivery and change to the world…well I’m on board. I want to be among the generation who has chose to live life and be one of the few who will write the world about the adventures they wished they were having. I want to be active but I do not actively want to break my back. I want to see the world and share my stories, I want to be a generation of change.

My parents worked their whole lives to provide for the family God gifted them and without a doubt they did the very best they could with the resources they had and the information they knew. The broke their backs trying to earn a dollar because that is what you did, that is what their parents taught them. I am sure most of my readers have come from a life that their parents did what they could but all these parents also started a motion to change life for the next generation. They realized how helpful their wisdom and what hurdles they wished they would have overcome in hopes that my generation would learn to enjoy life….family, friends, the world!

This enjoyment of life and for life is not a feeling but rather an ignited flame of passion burning through the heart of the world. See they trust us to persevere for the rough times so we would have what it takes to be pioneers of the time to come. They want us to have the internal peace of knowing we are living and demonstrating the greater good for the greater good. Our parents wanted change so they started the ball rolling. I’m so thankful that I come from a lineage that is doing their part for humanity.

One thing I am learning is that passion produces progression. It is a growth from within a sense of trusting that what is meant to happen will and we will be equipped to handle whatever the outcome. It is not a blasé attitude by any means but rather a means of constant surrender. The reminder that what I am doing, the stories that I am telling, is my contribution to the world but folks this is just the beginning. Yes blogging in the beginning may not be a lucrative job but it a far cry from the starving artists if yesteryear.

We are in a technological world and I am a technological girl. See that is what my training and my time in Arizona has taught me that I am capable and I am enough. I was guided though many times unnoticed by the teacher, but learned so much business savvy strategies as well as a knowledge and more importantly a passion for this world of blogging. It is giving me…..are you ready for this? A sense of purpose.

I am constantly reminded through both verbal and informative cues that I am making a difference not a fortune. I had already been down the path with God where I surrendered my outlook, my lack of control,with money. Don’t get me wrong I understands is significance and its character building skills but I don’t let it define me. My work is really the work that I am here to do, to spread the word. Though I may be doing it differently than the days of old, but I am living with an expectation to appreciate change…experience it, not fear it.

I am paving my path; blazing my trail. I am here to serve, but to serve others not myself. I am here to show the world that kind souls do still exist but those souls do not come without scars. I am here to be part of a movement that shows others what peace can be like but not to be their peacemaker. I am here to lend a hand to my fellows not my followers. I will keep working at my craft , my gift and write a masterpiece on the mystery unraveled. I’m here to help take the Hicc out of your ups. It may not be your cup of tea but it is mine, it makes me feel alive to see first hand what the fruits of my labor look like in my lifetime.

The great people of history are that history, we studied, we learned, we gained the knowledge and wisdom of that time so that we would be equipped to handle the time we are in now. I say with the utmost respect that I will continue to pursue the gifts God has given me to aid in the service of his words. I am met confidentially with the spirit when I say that my story, it has only just begun.

I hope you were able to find a little peace from these and other blog entries that come from my heart. I put a lot of time and thought into my inner look so I can help affect your outlook. I am grateful to all my readers for your kind words of encouragement, and experiences that I have got to be a part of. Cheers to you and to an exciting adventure to come.