She…Needs to Read This

She needed to know the answer to a question. A question that has been plaguing her mind endlessly. She needed to know what her worth may look like if only she could fathom the concept. She needed to see that the efforts of her breaths were not those that simply once breathed life, but one that continues to give. She was caught up in the comparison, the rules and the guidelines. She needed to know if she had made a mistake, was it ok to correct it with give and take. How is she going to get through this? Where is the recipe like she has so diligently followed, what was the yield and how long to prepare?

On the morning of her new awakening she felt a stir of a new desire. The pull for so much more. the birth of her soul is about to commence. She is breaking the cocoon because her time is soon. She is being set up for the great awakening, Her bones have began to tell her the time is now. You must get up and meet this with a face only another warrior could prize. Are you ready because this is your time?

She looks at the clock and realizes it is still early in the dawn, more time to slumber but the edge becomes too strong. For this mission is not one that will cease regardless of the night of sleep. It is a calling to your purpose and the time is now. It is the time to embrace your gifts, pursue your passion, meet your destiny. The frame is short and you must be aware. if you take this lightly the time will pass without a trace. Do not take for granted all the prayers you have prayed.

She knew she was ready to fly in the wind. The seas were calling to her “you got this my friend.” Decisions were made priorities reset but in the end there was no regret. She beamed a light the world needed to see, she has the worth to comfort the child in me. Her mission is great but she wears many disguises so don’t be fooled when you look her in the eyes.

She will continue to sacrifice she will continue to pay a price, but the reality of eternity is what is in her sites. She’s is on a mission to spread a vision that love does exist and you my friend at the perfect fit.