Sisterhood of The Traveling Clothes-Christmas Edition

Clothes have never really been a forte of mine. If I had them great, but there was no emotional attachment of any kind. Actually, for me, clothes have often been used in touching other people lives. Yes, I am one of those scrollers or trollers but only for the good. I like to look around different media platforms and look for people in need. Yes, I know that is a good way to be taken advantage, but its also a great way to touch people’s lives. The reality is if someone goes to extents that may be malicious to get clothes then it is very apparent they either need them or what the clothes can yield. Either way I would still feel very called to help when the call fell upon me.

Don’t get me wrong I love style but this feeling that I get when I help others, often through clothes, supersedes any drive to fit a conformity. It has just been the situation we most fall into, when we finally need somethings for ourselves the finances just didn’t meet our plans. Its always a rough blow at first but we always get past it, making due with what we have.

When I packed hurriedly to leave AZ to head back to Ohio, I noticed that all the clothes I owned fit into a single suitcase. Oh that was so sad. It was a reminder of everything I had lost and how unprepared I felt. I mean even my basics for surviving this bitter Ohio winter were no longer in existent. I needed clothes and needed them in a bad way.

Everyday since I have been here I have learned so much by relying on God for my journey. Each night I would say a prayer for provisions and every night I go to bed trusting that I will be provided for. Another thing I have learned is timing is everything. Knowing that this plan is already paved for me gives me a bit more perspective on what is a necessity and what is not. Guess what else I learned? Seems as though even my closest friends and family are in need, right in front of my face.

So Christmas came early for me Thursday evening. While having some valuable bestie time, she received a call from her sister that she was on her way to deliver the clothes. See a few days prior we were talking and I said that I didn’t know what I was going to do I’m running out of clothes. Just then It was like a bulb blew in Jule’s head. She popped up and said,”wait…what size do you wear?” I proceeded to give her the “woman rundown”, you know depending on this make or this cut…everything to delay then justify the big reveal. Anyways she went on to tell me how her sister lost weight….kudos Girl!..and had clothes she needed to get rid of. So she made the arrangements to allow me to be the recipient of this treasure trove of clothes.

When the clothes arrived I was so astonished, remembering very quickly to recognize that an answer to a prayer had just been received. In that moment of delivery I was so captivated by the exchange of heart felt goodwill, that I didn’t really have words. Believe it or not I really had no other emotion besides happiness. I was being provided for above and beyond what was needed. Bonus feature is her sisters clothes were exactly my style. Of course I was stoked, wouldn’t you be?

When the clothes were dropped off and I said my thank you, she obliged and said what I do with them from here is up to me. So immediately my brain went into overdrive as to how I can pay this kind of generosity forward. Of course a very gentle and kind person came to mind and I punched up a text right away. Turns out these traveling clothes were so very appreciated at her point in her journey.

So now we look back at multiple situations and see seeds have been planted by the generosity of an appreciative heart. Do you see how a compound harvest is one that meets the needs of everyone not just one. We are charged as the fertilizer for the fields of seed, a requirement fro growth. We are to spread this love and kindness for all to see. I promise you people have a truer appreciation for you in actions versus words.

So as we stand right now the clothes have traveled from Shelby to Mansfield and next on the schedule is Bucyrus. I cant wait to see how many lives are touch by this single planting of a seed.

This, my friend, is called doing the work.